Quick Reflections-“You Are Not the Solution”

I saw this on Facebook, and had to share with a few words.

Photo credit: Loving An Addict

Us parents don’t realize the extent of damage being done to our health until we are encountering severe to life-threatening medical problems.

All the while we have society in our ear-
“Why didn’t the family do something.”
“I could never leave my child on the street.”
“Those parents should have done a better job raising their kids.”
“Parents should be paying better attention.”

All nonsense coming from people with no clue about chronic substance use and the consequence to the brain/mind connection. Too often they run off at the mouth without any knowledge- I’m so sorry if you’ve ever been at the receiving end of their shaming and guilt trip!

And we wonder why people we know are sinking under the weight of their adult child’s addiction- there are people all around putting blame and shame on parents who are already a hurting mess and wanting so bad to fix a tragic situation.

But, we can’t.

We are not the solution- no matter what society puts on us, or not even the burning desire within our own heart.

Give it to God. Your life matters, too.


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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

2 Replies to “Quick Reflections-“You Are Not the Solution””

  1. wow, Lisa, this is so good. a message to sing out loud and clear. let’s take the pressure off ourselves to solve our loved ones problems, illnesses, and addictions. may we be a loving, kind, listening presence. a praying presence to unleash Christ’s healing power in their lives.

    so good to meet you tonight.

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