About Lisa

Hello and welcome to Authentic Truths. My name is Lisa, and I am grateful you stopped by.

I am a freelance writer, blogger, and mental health speaker; most of all, I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. I lend my voice to the mental health and faith communities as an expert in experience in overcoming childhood sexual abuse and managing the resulting illness of bipolar disorder.

“Praying for you and yours, Lisa.

To me, you are a David, a true hero and giant-killer.”

-Authentic Truth Blog Reader

I have lived with Bipolar Disorder for the majority of my life, and as a Christian for 23 years. I learned early on that a relationship with Jesus Christ included a healing I never found anywhere else. Jesus taught me a critical lesson that though we live in this world, we are not of this world. This concept was a game changer. With professional Christian counseling, patience, and cooperation to be open and honest in therapy, I discovered a life outside the prison of my past and mental illness. I believe Jesus wants this same life for all those fighting for their mental health.

I currently manage a local church, with a family of believers I love. I enjoy volunteering as a Stephen Minister and being able to walk alongside others in their time of need. I am an animal lover (former assistant to the director at this fantastic location), beach enthusiast, and enjoy hiking, museums, and eating out. Fun fact-I love to sing but you don’t want to hear me do it.

About the Blog

You will not find a niche blog here.

Though my primary focus is sharing life relating to bipolar disorder as a Christian, I aim to share the authentic truth of my journey through depression, mania, anxiety, parenting through addiction and substance abuse, poetry, and midlife changes. I also enjoy writing a daily mental health devotional, “Daily Dose.” Each of these areas involves a distinct connection and healing through Jesus Christ. If you are battling mental illness or an empty nest, I invite you to come along, be inspired and encouraged, find relatable content, and a friend who understands.

What People Say

Powerful! Moving! Encouraging! Inspiring!

Your words are all of these and more!

Ms. Cindy

Great encouragement to me who is on the leadership end of this..

Ms. Tobi

It takes incredible courage to tell your story. Thank you for sharing and letting people know that there is freedom from the chains of pain.

Kellie Mitchell, Indiana

Let’s build hope together.