Follow along on a faith-filled journey through mental health, family addiction, and holding onto bold faith. Whether you like to read or listen, I’ve got you covered.

Raw. Open. Real.
A speaker with love on her heart, forgiveness in her soul, and a message to share. How does a parent survive a loved ones addiction? Through God, alone.
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A Christian bipolar experience. Faith and mental illness are not enemies. Let’s talk about the power of the mind- thoughts, actions, choices. Then, let’s talk about why God gave YOU the power to control your mental wellness.
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My new addition- audio blogging over on the podcast. Find me here:

YouTube-Authentic Truths-Surviving Their Addiction

Spotify-Authentic Truths in Addiction

*Focused on my journey with addicted children, raising my grandkids, and mental health and wellness, you will also find I use this space for personal reflection and discussions outside those topics- all part of my emotional outlet and well-being.

Let’s build hope together.

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