Living life my way, free to be who I am, I write authentic content that speaks to the heart of those in the battle. It’s familiar because it’s the truth we all share. I don’t fear the truth in mental illness, and I believe the only way to end the stigma is to be open and honest with the world.

Whether sharing my story on a stage or in written word, this is my Authentic Truth; no holds barred, no account left out. Christ in me is greater than the bipolar in my mind.

Let’s build hope together.

What People Are Saying

Powerful! Moving! Encouraging! Inspiring!

Your words are all of these and more!

Ms. Cindy

Great encouragement to me who is on the leadership end of this..

Ms. Tobi

It takes incredible courage to tell your story. Thank you for sharing and letting people know that there is freedom from the chains of pain.

Kellie Mitchell, Indiana