What is Authentic Truths?

Raw, real, open, and true.

Welcome. This is a place for me to share my authentic life and the impact of God’s authentic truth. For every setback we face, there is a comeback in grace. The love, mercy, forgiveness, and grace of Jesus Christ is for us all. This blog journey has a focus on the collision of Jesus meets my bipolar mind, but also the many other ways God touches my soul every day. I am not focused on one niche. I write what is on my heart in the following categories:

  • Bipolar Life: Bipolar living & personal journal which is always unedited and authentic
  • Authentic Truths: general, non-specified Christian issues content
  • Addiction Sucks: A mother’s view into addiction
  • Lost & Found: Life’s journey through the empty nest-my life, my reality, my story
  • Five Minute Friday: once a week, world wide link up
  • Poetry
  • Random Thoughts (politics, life, nature, and other things on my mind)
  • Beginning September 2019– Daily Dose-Mental Health Devotional

Whether you are a fellow writer, reader, or looking for a speaker, I hope we can connect!