My writing journey started with faith-filled content meant for the masses. Within a couple of years, I was engaging with people all over the globe with a small (by today’s standards) reach of 23k people. Sounds grand. 

However, life became complicated when, for the first time, I realized substance use entered my life as a parent, and everything felt out of control. There were legal issues, evictions, homelessness, overdose, divorce, suicide attempts, hospitalizations, dual diagnosis, domestic abuse, and death. 

As they went through this overwhelming journey, I tried to motivate, change, and even save my children. Finally, after disappearances, vehicles accidents and injuries, theft, lies, manipulation, deceit, jail, and learning to parent my grandkids from a place where I felt a failure, I came to the end of myself. 

After over a decade of trauma and pain, I discovered I am not my child’s savior. I cannot fix, correct, cure, or motivate them into sobriety and recovery. But I could motivate myself toward mine. By the grace and love of God, I hope to motivate others in their recovery, as well. Parents are not prepared for addiction, maybe something here will help you to navigate this difficult road.

Parents and Addicts worldwide are trying to maintain a connection in the most brutal battle they know. We are fighting in faith and on our knees in a war that crushes our spirit daily. We grieve living souls, and this is a space to do it together.

*Focused on my journey with addicted children, raising my grandkids, and mental health and wellness, you will also find I use this space for personal reflection and discussions outside those topics- all part of my emotional outlet and well-being.

Let’s build hope together.

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