Welcome to Authentic Truths!

My name is Lisa and I write authentic content on mental health issues that speaks to the heart of those in the battle. It’s familiar because it’s the truth we all share. I don’t fear the reality in mental illness, and I believe the only way to end the stigma is to be open and honest with the world. We are all fighting to wake up each day and live, but my hope is to inspire you to wake up and live well!

When I share my story, you are getting my Authentic Truth; no holds barred, no account left out. Christ in me is greater than the bipolar in my mind, the addiction around me, or the world in general. The journey isn’t perfect and can be ugly, but in the end, we keep going, and that is winning, this is true survival.

*Focused on my journey with addicted children, raising my grandkids, and mental health and wellness, you will also find I use this space for personal reflection and discussions outside those topics- all part of my personal outlet and well-being.

Let’s build hope together.