Family Addiction and Mental Wellness Speaker

“I won’t be a hostage to addiction. I refuse to fail at living well.”

In her captivating talks, Lisa breaks the ice on addiction and mental illness symptoms. She courageously details the success of living with bipolar, managing life with addicted children, and caring for grandchildren. Her natural and confident approach builds trust and empowers others to step out of their fear, gain awareness, and live free. Lisa wants to empower the heavy heart by taking the phrase “Let Go and Let God” as a battle cry for change.

Love shines through in her honest journey meant to inspire, motivate, and educate her listeners on the topics of addiction, mental illness, and healing. Stirring the spirit, Lisa aims to remind us who we are in Christ Jesus and how He guides the weary soul.

Whether you’re a parent in this boat or a Christian battling doubt and strongholds, this is for you.

Lisa currently manages a local church in the northern Denver area. She enjoys life as a freelance writer, blogger, mental health speaker, and aspiring author; most of all, she is a wife, mother, and grandmother. She enjoys volunteering as a Stephen Minister and being able to walk alongside others in their time of need. She is an animal lover (former assistant to the director at this fantastic location), beach enthusiast, and enjoys hiking, museums, and eating out. Fun fact-“I love to sing but you don’t want to hear me do it.”

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