Mental Health Advocate/Speaker

“I refused to not belong.”

In her captivating and intimate talks, Lisa aims to break down the walls to the conversation of mental illness symptoms. Through faith, she courageously details the fight to ‘fit in’ with the church. Her fresh and confident approach builds trust and empowers others to step out of their fear, gain awareness, and live free within their faith community. God’s unfailing love is evident in her colorful journey as she shares from her heart to inspire, motivate, and educate her listeners on the topics of mental illness, abuse, and addiction. Lisa stirs the spirit and reminds each listener who they are in Christ Jesus.

Lisa is a freelance writer, blogger, mental health speaker, and aspiring author; most of all, she is a wife, mother, and grandmother. She lends her voice to the mental health and faith communities as an expert in experience in overcoming childhood sexual abuse and managing the resulting illness of bipolar disorder and it’s symptoms.

Lisa currently manages a local church. She enjoys volunteering as a Stephen Minister and being able to walk alongside others in their time of need. She is an animal lover (former assistant to the director at this fantastic location), beach enthusiast, and enjoys hiking, museums, and eating out. Fun fact-“I love to sing but you don’t want to hear me do it.”

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