Her natural and honest approach empowers others to step out of their fear, gain awareness, and live free. She lives the motto, “Let Go and Let God,” in victorious submission to our Lord. Love shines through the darkness of her journey. Be inspired, motivated, and educated theoughtthe topics of addiction, mental illness, and healing through Christ.

A combination of bold and gentle, Lisa authentically details the success of living in Christ’s joy. She points to God for strength, trust, boldness, and hope through personal experience with childhood trauma, sudden loss, family addiction, and challenges with mental health.

Stirring the spirit, Lisa aims to remind you who you are in Jesus and how He guides us toward a deeper understanding of our relationship with Him.

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“Working Our Way Toward Wise” – Taking what we experience in life and putting it up against the Word of God creates unending education in grace, truth, hope, joy, and love. The Word handed us facts- ‘in this life you will experience trials.” He also provided a way to live free when we feel the pressure and imprisonment of the world. This message overflows with the peace and confidence that believers struggle to experience in today’s society.

“Aftermath of Family Addiction and Mental Takedown” – Mental health awareness has become a necessary topic. Finally, after decades, walls are being torn down, and believers are discussing the intricate workings of the mind. Science and God have been speaking the same language on mind management; Lisa uses scripture highlights and stories to show us how God has always been protective of the mind. Taking him seriously, Lisa discusses ways to proactively manage the pieces that make up our minds by relying on the Lord to walk us through. Hear a paralyzing experience of fear and how God used his Word to remove the chains and open the blinds to light once again.

“Those Left Behind” – Taking on parenting for a second time when the nest was supposed to be empty opened Lisa’s eyes to a more profound relationship, trust, and belief in the Almighty. Whether you are a parent or not, and no matter your age, a deep-seated fear of failure holds us back. Lisa hopes to unpack that fear and open your mind to the possibility of living fearlessly to follow God through the doors He patiently holds open. Will you trust His plan when you can’t see the blueprint?

“The Mark of a Believer” – History shows us an unrelenting pursuit of meaning, purpose, and the search for the secret of a long and happy life. Is it the same for everybody? Is there a single word or way? Did the great men and women of the Bible teach us what we need to know? Let’s take a look and dive into the lives of Paul, Joseph, and Ruth. What do they have in common? What is one attribute they all shared? This discussion will reveal the secret. 

Lisa currently manages a local church in the northern Denver area.  She enjoys life as a freelance writer, blogger, mental health speaker, and aspiring author; most of all, she is a wife, mother, and grandmother. She enjoys volunteering as a Stephen Minister and being able to walk alongside others in their time of need. She is an animal lover (former assistant to the director at this fantastic location), beach enthusiast, and enjoys hiking, museums, and eating out. Fun fact-“I love to sing, but you don’t want to hear me do it.”

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