Their Addiction t~My Journey- “Parents in the Shadows”

I never thought my faith would guide me through surviving what has become the most painful part of my life, but here I am.

One of the THOUSANDS of parents navigating an unfamiliar road, raising grandkids, supporting recovery for one loved one and watching addiction continue to control and ravage another.

From an active, caring, hands-on mom to a parent all cried out and feeling helpless and lost. All I have left are bold prayers, and the truth is, that is hard to accept.

I treasure Jesus. He’s my life raft and rock. So many new age religions have you search in yourself for the fortitude to endure. Left to my own devices, I’d be wanting.

Not my God! His love says, “Surrender, come to me all who are weary and heavily burdened, and I will carry you. Tether to me, my load is light, and yours is heavy. Give this to me.”

That is love.

My surrender allows my divine creator to be my strength in the middle of my weakness. There is no shame or guilt. There is only relief and comfort.

That’s my God.

There’s an answer to every question. I’m not ‘centering myself’ in the emptiness and brokenness. I am placing myself in the center of His wisdom, kindness, compassion, and love. This space, filled with the ultimate blessing, is welcoming and necessary.

Come all who are falling through the cracks of self-seeking confusion.
Come all who fall short and are sinners.
Come all who long to be carried through the pain.
Come all who are dipping in the well of mental ruin.
Come all who desire peace beyond your understanding.
Come all who long for joy and hope.

You’re already dressed.
You are ready.
The time is now.


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