Their Addiction~My Journey, “Love Is No Matter What”

Placing boundaries around what you are willing to do to help someone in addiction or around lifestyle behaviors you won’t accept in YOUR life doesn’t mean you don’t love them.

Deciding to change how and when you communicate with someone in active addiction does not mean you don’t love them.

Taking some time for self-care during or after dealing with action’s in addiction doesn’t mean you don’t love them.

Love is NEVER in question. Our beloved family members lost in this world of addiction are ALWAYS loved.

They say connection is better for those attempting sobriety and recovery.

We understand.

Unfortunately those lines may be very difficult to establish once lost from the harm of addiction. It doesn’t mean it’s a permanent disconnect or a disconnect at all. It’s simply a different way of connecting. However, there are some instances where it might be complete radio silence. If that’s what the family needs to heal, it’s okay.

“It’s the drugs, not the person” is a manipulating excuse that tells families their pain is less important. No one has to look past their pain because of this treatable disorder.

Families endure so much due to substance use. They endure this because of their LOVE for their child, brother, sister, nephew, grandchild, or friend. It’s those who love that keep fighting for so long, often alone, for someone who doesn’t want to fight for themself.

There comes a time families step out because they can’t handle anymore. They have no more words, they are now lost in the aftermath of long term addiction. They need recovery, too.

Love was never lost; but living in someone else’s addiction came to an end.

We don’t love ‘because’ of obligation or parental instinct- we love no matter what. It doesn’t change. It won’t change.

Love is a deep internal connection with no ties to anything material of this world. Love isn’t something we do, though we tend to do when we love. But those things we do will never define the depth of our love. Neither should the things we don’t.

♥️ Lisa

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