Bipolar Life- The Journal #40

<unedited, authentic>

It is Tuesday, and it is already the longest week ever!

A flight tomorrow evening heading south has a seat with my name on it. A beach on the beautiful coast of southern Florida awaits. This trip is long overdo, and a celebration of a year left behind. It is a girl’s weekend away baby!

Out trip last year was amazing, but I was healing from neck surgery and felt limited and cautious. This time confidence and calm radiates. Healing ignites us in many ways, the freedom to move without fear is one of them.

Tonight I salute those courageously fighting to survive the path through mental healing. We journey through unique circumstances in our individual stories, but we have one thing in common- the fight in the journey. Right now someone is lying in a hospital bed, shedding quiet tears and desires healing. Tomorrow they will wake up, look around at the same walls and hope for a better day.

The tough road to mental healthiness is frustrating. In my time of care I was convinced I woke on repeat every day. Many days I woke up with the same defeat I went to bed with. For years perceived failure ripped me to shreds.

If you are here, I invite you to a new perspective.

Cycling through our days experiencing the same monotonous feelings, and molding the same conversations with attempts at new colorful words, does NOT have to be a failure. This gift of revisiting can be a blessing in that it creates a discussion within yourself. You have the power to take that internal dialogue and include the Lord. Pray and invite Him to meet you in that place and open your eyes and mind to His Truth. If it’s placed in your heart, then it matters to Jesus. In my case, He was placing the conversation in the center of my healing because I refused to get the practical lesson gift wrapped by God. This is learning the hard way, but for some, our hard head only learns the hard way.

I no longer fear repetitive mental health care. In every lap around the track of my mind, God is teaching me endless value in a life for Him. If today is the 341st day of your depression and you struggle to move, then sit in gratitude you woke up today. Take time to talk to God and then take time to listen. If you lean in and trust Him, he will guide you through the healing process. If you believe you linger in a particular area, know God has a plan for that, too. Give Him the chance to teach and discipline you while you stumble through.

We are all working to improve how we survive, and to create a life long plan of success. I do not know one person who wants to stay in the dark pit of depression, feeling failure daily due to waking in the same place. Oh my friend, God never wants you to feel trapped, rather, He wants you to feel held, loved, and supported. Take joy, He is right there in the pit with you, and when you understand why you’ve rented a room there for a short time, He’ll lift you up another step toward the exit! His lessons bring us confidence and a fearless hope for the next step.

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