Five Minute Friday-For this, I share

I have had a strong push from within to share for a few years now. I share the message of God’s goodness and faithfulness daily- in real life and in the e-life. It is an easy call to answer, for my heart is fully aware of what faith can do, and to share this amazing journey in faith is my pleasure for His glory.

It is the quiet sharing that I have done to a much smaller community I have wrestled with for some time now. While I share in authenticity to my own experiences, and with the utmost care and compassion to those around me, I have stayed away from the bigger crowds. I fear they will not understand.

The topic of mental health is a difficult one, especially in the Christian community. I strongly believe Christians fully accept mental health as an essential dialogue within the church. They have lovingly wanted to embrace the difficulties of such topics as depression, suicide, bipolar, anxiety, and the many other ailments under the umbrella of mental health illnesses. The part that I keep hitting a wall on is the concept that while clinical depression is more relatable, and is the most common mental health issue, it is often something people encounter very few times in their life. Making being a supporting participant easier. More often than not, the full gamut of mental health diagnoses are a life-long battle for the one dealing with it. It’s the standing support for a life-time that seems to be a problem.

Mental health can be taxing to those who do not suffer, and confusing to understand. One day a person can be perfectly fine, the next, they are reeling in despair. The sudden attack of multiple symptoms affecting someone battling certain illnesses may be overwhelming to the loved one. Coming along side someone in such battle may be difficult month after month, or even day after day. We get it- which is why the conversation is necessary.

God has set up a perfect team to be able to share, in more detail, my battle with bipolar disorder over the last 20 years of my life. By way of divine intention, I have teamed up with a videographer who is willing to help me share a small part of my story. Fear no longer holds me back, as faith in the Almighty pushes me on. I plan to share my story in hopes of inspiring other men and women of faith who are engaged in the battle, or supporting someone who is. If the success I am witness to can help even one person, then I will rejoice!

God lives in me, just as he lives in you. Believing this all-encompassing love takes some getting used to. I spent years telling myself I was not worthy, I was not what others were.

God said back, “No, you are not what others are, you are you. You, my girl, are a unique, beautiful picture of a child of mine.”

For this, I share.

I invite you to visit the website of Kate Motaung for full details and rules (well the one rule).

All are welcome and invited to take part in joining women around the world for Five Minute Friday! You will be given a prompt word, then simply take five minutes of your day to write a heartfelt, authentic message (no need to edit) using that word!


One Reply to “Five Minute Friday-For this, I share”

  1. It is a hard thing to share our stories with a larger audience, but when God calls us to do something, He will give us strength. I’m sure your story will be so helpful, not only for those suffering with mental illness but those who care for them. May God bless you and your efforts as you let go of fear and trust Him to carry you through. Blessings to you, Lisa! I’m your neighbor at #FiveMinuteFriday.

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