Poetry – Breaking Addiction’s Hold (A Parent’s Release)

You crawl through dimming tunnels toward something you can’t see.

Bloodied in a battle fought, but were never meant to be.

And the toll has been tremendous, the scars inwardly seep.

Of hostile thoughts and intentions, hidden truth contained where truth and lies meet.

You’re the cover for the tales. The one who holds the key.

Holding tight to their burden, the shackled free.

Where shadows breathe and mock your hope.

The darkness viciously tears your throat.

And basic rhythms change their beat,

A lengthy tune steals your feet.

You march to another’s addiction song.

Where you lose you while living them all along.

Knees ache from crawling, chains clink in echoed still.

For the hand that rules the moment, is lifted by another’s will.

The agony of knowing is stomped by tormenting guilt and shame.

For the one who craves release, is suffocated by daily blame.

Escaping is complex, the weight has worn you down.

And hopeless shouts within, wherever you’re at now.

What seems familiar begins to lose the tone, begins to cease.

And walls once black in terror, glow with light and peace.

Your voice emerges within, then outwardly projects.

Mighty strength splits the chains of addictions little pet.

You move slowly out of caution; fear calls gently to submit.

With boundless strength you rise, right where that fear lives.

Each heavy step is binding, every breath produces sweat.

Scrambled visions are frightening of places your leash went.

A new war emerges, and faith takes the lead.

The veil lifts in surrender, and you accept what you now see.

No longer bound to addiction, your life is now your own.

The only chain left, now a loving yoke.

With every step that Jesus takes, the tunnel cracks and walls shake.

God’s glory illuminates,

The point where addiction hid the escape.

One step follows the other, out of obsession’s gate.

Where overdue healing begins and life deserved awaits.

For every parent who fights to get free of a loved ones addiction. I am praying for you and your child.

Matthew 11: 28-3

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