Five Minute Friday- Realize

One word. Five minutes. Go.

I lost my cool with a co-worker this week. I realize this is a confession. After praying the night of the incident, I immediately apologized the morning after. She laughed and remarked, “ It wasn’t necessary, but thank you.”

Of course it was necessary. I realize the necessity of being accountable for my behavior as a Christian. Unfortunately, many others do not. Our hope is to quietly whisper our sin to God, repent, and shuffle along. Leaving the sin with God, while leaving the hurt with the person we disrespected and sinned against.

Our world has lost the concept of integrity and decency, even in minor interactions (even screen interactions of social media). Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching. But God is always watching my friend. You cannot hide. The sneaky deception may work among fellow humans, but not God your Father.

My anger was sinful and unrighteousness. However, how many times do people hide behind improper justifications in hopes to be right? Most times. I tried it myself. Then, I realized I was wrong. I choose humility and admit my sin. This goes against a fallen society that chooses twisted sin over being honest with God.

If we would step outside ourselves and where we go wrong- big or small, before we look to our neighbor for blame and reason, we might see peace reign. It makes sense when you consider the scriptures to love your neighbor as yourself. How do we manage to love God above all else if we fail to love his children? We don’t. If our heart is consumed with sin, we can’t love Him.

I pray for the world to wake up and examine the one in the mirror long before they self-righteously critique the rest of the human race. Maybe the offensive one is you. No worries, God always had a plan of reconciliation. He realized long ago a plan would be necessary for his flawed children. His only perfect child would make a way for us all.

Friends, you have to check out Five Minute Friday. One word, five minutes, and you don’t have to edit! Join the worldwide community today!

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