Quick Reflections- Stop the Pity Party

If you’re battling addiction, and feel like this- STOP.

It’s not true.

You are wanted, appreciated, necessary and loved.

You may be walking through your journey by yourself right now. More than likely you once had an army of one, two, or more people cheering you on, encouraging you, and helping you in various ways.

They thought if they did all that, you would want to get better.

If they fight for you, you’d fight for yourself.

If they stepped in to fill the gap where your weaknesses were, that you’d have some time to seek recovery and have your strength.

They waited through detox, treatment, overdose, relapse and pain..a lot of pain.

Then, one month became two.. and four.. and eight.. and a year.. and two.. five.. and ten.

Time slowly slipped away and nothing changed.

Still, they checked in on you because you’re wanted.

They called or texted because you, their loved one, is appreciated.

They tried to motivate and encourage you to help yourself because you are necessary.

They texted daily “I love you”- with nothing attached- no requirements, no manipulation- but just to make sure you know you are LOVED. ♥️

Because love doesn’t come by handing over a 20 dollar bill.

Love isn’t paying for another hotel room.

Love isn’t bailing you out of jail.

Love isn’t paying your rent or mortgage.

Love isn’t buying you anything, or paying your bills.

It isn’t even buying you food.

These things were done in kindness because we DO love you. Addiction is good at convincing you otherwise.

Eventually, we chose to live.
We chose to allow you to be the adult you are. We chose to stop interfering in your adult decisions and free-will. Addiction may have a grasp on you, but we refuse to let it strong arm our minds and lives.

You worked every angle to get your way.
We worked every opportunity to help you live.


We are both wanted, appreciated, necessary, and loved.

♥️ Lisa

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