Five Minute Friday- Relief-An Addiction Story

There was relief

In the final sigh..

When surrender felt

Like breath of life..

When truth revealed

Your not to blame

For lies and venom

In addiction’s game.

Relief is found

When we believe

The behavior displayed

Every painful scene..

Is not our nightmare

But their reality.

And we love

But let go..

Free from the net

Of abuse, fear,


Mixed up by emotion

Afraid to live..

Secluded isolation

Secrets kept hid.

Then relief..

Truth exposed

Lies revealed

Jesus knows..

You are His,

You matter in this

Addiction’s prison

Loses it’s grip.

You loose yourself

In burden’s jail

Afraid of loss

Afraid to fail..

Relief is hope

And faith.

Recovery comes

When they own

Their mistake…

‘Their’ mistakes-

Not your’s.

So you breathe.

You cry, and hurt

..But live.

Because relief

Was more than a sigh..

It was God’s gift

Within addiction

His loved-filled embrace..

To carry you through

Another addict’s day.

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