Poetry- Storms Rage

Can we survive the blowing wind and storming seas?

Will hearts press on in brokenness on bended knee?

Can prayers be said through waterfalls and pouring rain?

Will the end be better than this journey of pain?

And sorrow cascades in a hushed certainty.

Fading in and out of reality.

And joy evades, and hope carries away..

what is sure to come again on a better day.

For now, we wade in and out of flowing streams,

that leave a distance between hopes and dreams.

And maybe the terrors of night’s shimmering blade.

Will quietly retreat while we stand and stay.

The days are counted, and nights come and go.

For the sheer excitement

of something familiar and known.

For if the storm will one day end, along with it this nightmare take.

Then mended are hearts that cried and cracked, until the final break.

Healing is a journey from calm to stormy seas.

Replaced in theory by a gentler breeze.

And we survive the fury, the hurt, and pain.

To courageously stroll through life..again and again.

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