Their Addiction-My Journey-The Aftermath of Overdose

Following the heart-wrenching news of another lost life to overdose, including the life of an innocent pre-born baby, we decided to drive a thousand miles to spend time with our son. His grief is great, and we hoped to help in some small way.

He hasn’t slept all week, and I’m not sure he ate anything until we arrived. He is shaky, and you can see the pain on his face.

Drugs fill me with anger. When chosen, they wreck the life of the one using, and slowly move to create mental chaos for those who love them.

We leave in a couple of days, and I wonder if there is more we can do. But the truth is no. We cannot do more.

Jesus must look at us and say the same things. Jesus gave it all, and we continue to turn away. We allow pride and selfishness to lead us astray. Some addictions involve substances, and others are about sex, money, food, or something that we refuse to do without and over God.

After the shock, my first question was, “how does someone do this who is 20 weeks pregnant?” But, how do any of us do what we do when Jesus paid the ultimate price.

I am sad, hurt, angry, but I realize there can be no judgment here. Even in this tragedy, I must stay true to the Lord. What caused a happy, beaming mother to be to decide to use one last time? I will never know. Perhaps the thought of it being the last time never entered her mind.

Does it ever?

May God guide my words in the coming days and lead us in love and understanding for a man broken in grief. Please, Lord, if listening is all I need to do, then lead him to speak.

Addiction sucks.


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