Lost & Found- Starting Over

Below is a note I shared for my daughter. She was picking up her broken pieces and starting over. I wrote it a year ago. Like most of us, it applies again today.

If you are finding new footing, have faith and take the time to heal. You are loved.

For my daughter:

It’s been a long road.
We get it.
It’s been a freaking battle.
We get it.
Every day is a fight to evolve, to regain your own identity, to let go of what has passed, to forgive ..because forgiveness isn’t always easy…
Starting over is a huge endeavor.
Many people will never understand.
I understand.
Now you get to reach far down inside, to a place you’ve never been, to the you that you were always meant to be..
The you that you stomped down one pain after another, and one mistake after another.
The you that never should have been buried in the caverns of your soul,
because it’s the you that, no matter how hard you tried, ALWAYS shined.
And if no one else could see it, your momma always did.
There are no perfect people here- the theme of my life, the song of my heart, the peace in my mind.
When you truly understand this, when you reflect compassion in this wisdom, when you love yourself in your own imperfections, when you love and accept others in theirs, you will find peace.
There is healing to be done.
There is therapy that must be faced- your inner self requires it to move on.
Therapy will look different at each step, things that don’t seem like therapy will be revealed to you as such. Therapy isn’t about sweet decorated rooms, comfy couches, and explanations about how things make you feel.
Therapy is the long walk you take alone, appreciation for every sunrise, the way you look at yourself and say, “I forgive you.” It is done when each day is a success, or you encounter a failure, but restart the next day. Therapy isn’t just a once a week meeting with a stranger; it’s a moment to moment experience with self that overwhelms your being. It’s light in the darkness, and answers to the long lost questions.
Therapy is a gift time offers for those who accept.
There are fragments to release, which only time will allow.
Each unique piece you release will simply be turned into a beautiful section to your life quilt. You will have it forever. One day, when the dust of running this marathon has settled, you will wrap yourself in your quilt of truth, and be comforted. No one else will ever have the same exact tapestry. I find this remarkable.
It’s been a long road.
We get it.
It’s been a freaking battle.
We get it.

I appreciate every effort and stand proud. Sometimes it’s about trying after we stumble, fall, or fail. But most days, it’s about the balance we achieved, staying on our feet while juggling a million stressors, and never giving up on ourselves. Whether we fail or succeed, every day is a new day. For that, I remain eternally grateful.



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