Five Minute Friday- The Weight Challenge

Let’s talk about weight.

I know. Who wants to discuss this issue? The deal is, I have struggled with removing 25 pounds for years. The scale would frighten me; then I’d lose a few pounds. Then I hit some magic repeat button. The cycle is aggravating.

How did I gain this unwanted weight? In 2001, I had a run-in with my manic side and had to utilize medication for my mental health. A side effect of this medication is weight gain. Within six short weeks, I gained 25 pounds. For some mysterious reason, the people who put together drugs to help those dealing with a mental illness, haven’t figured out how to create one that alleviates this side problem. I assume they don’t realize self-image plays a role in negative thoughts.

As I battle this challenge like a bull aimed for a red flag, I maintain my thoughts to stay positive. If I remain focused on Jesus and remember myself as the beautiful soul He loves, I will be able to handle this self-image dialogue I have in my head. When I close my eyes and see myself as Jesus sees me, I am free. The challenge returns to weight loss and healthy living-physical health and mental health, not negative thinking.

I am not a sensitive person, but I see the challenge in this delicate subject reflected in many women’s eyes. I want those women to know you are loved just as you, and please never forget that. We feel a sting in our challenge with weight, but we don’t have to live in a reaction. Let’s encourage one another in acceptance and love.

(by the way, I’ve lost 10 pounds this summer. Go me!)

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3 Replies to “Five Minute Friday- The Weight Challenge”

  1. The grocery bag is not the food,
    nor is cover the book within.
    The music cannot be the mood,
    and the man is not the skin.
    We harshly judge the transitory,
    and reject, time after time
    the inner vision of God’s glory,
    the seed of the Divine.
    How, if God would only love
    the beautiful and the strong?
    Would this be evidence thereof,
    that our birth could just be wrong?
    The fact we’re HERE is the Lord’s delight,
    To see His Heart in our God-spark light.

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