Bipolar Life- The Journal #36

<unedited, authentic>

I challenged myself to fight to the return. Ding ding! Times up. Round 1,243,675 comes to an end. Again, winner by knockout in the final seconds, Lisa!! (Crowd cheers and I circle the ring like a badass, because that’s what I am.) No apologies for that curse word, I know Jesus understands this time.

There is no exaggeration in that number, one million whatever it was. Life has used and abused me in the ring. Sparring session, I’m your girl. If there’s been a challenge to go a few rounds, I have been pushed through the ropes and thrown in with the pros. Some days there is no warm-up, just a jab, jab, jab, uppercut. I come back firing and all better look out.

I am a CHRISTIAN WOMAN. I am infused with the blood of the Father. Through my veins rolls power that knows no defeat. If I go down, if I hit the mat face first, I hear my own personal Mickey say, “Get up, because Jesus loves ya!”

Oh my comforter. Holy Spirit, I doubt, I hide, I pout. Yet, in my childish, milk drinking behavior, you pick me up and reset my feet, focus my mind, and place both gloved hands in yours. Together, we fight the good fight. The hope of never being alone, is fulfilled. For you never leave me. When I am lost, you lead the way. If I am tired, you pull, push, drag, or carry me. Your love knows no bounds, you are faithful.

Today is a new day. I cannot see what it brings, but I trust you. In your infinite wisdom and by your amazing grace, I fear no evil, for you are with me. I will remember, all of my days, that against you no one can stand.

There is hope for the hopeless and strength for the weak. If you believe in Jesus Christ, accept him into your heart, then your battles are already won. Praise be to God, the perfector of my life.

Next round. Who dares?


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