Poetry- My Little Beach

The breeze is welcome

The sun works overtime

As I sit alone on this beach

And write..

Just over the hill

Trucks and cars zoom

Missing this beauty

Racing right through

But that’s life today

We move in circular motion

Eyes closed to life

Amid daily commotion

What have we done?

In this race for success

We’ve lost success

In the mess

And we work hard for what?

Chasing this car

This diamond

Chasing too far..

Oh we’ve taken it all to


We don’t see.

The quiet beauty in the trees

There’s more.

More to live for.

Than career chasing

Worldly embracing.

The water laps against

The soft sand.

I see a fish in the illumination

From the sun.

He taunts me.

I smile in the fun.

I sigh with relief

To appreciate and see

Nature’s beauty.

There’s peace

In the breeze

On this little beach.

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