Lost & Found- Happy Birthday to Me

I woke up today realizing how Satan has tried to inject himself in my life. He couldn’t get to me- my heart, my mind, and my life became tight and secure in Jesus Christ years ago. He tried and tried to penetrate that security, and failed. So he turned his attention away from me and decided to infiltrate the mind and heart of some I love- using their past hurts, weaknesses, illnesses, even some of their own strengths against them. He has released havoc in their lives- creating chaos, more pain, more self doubt, more disease, more relationship issues. He has managed to step into their freedom to live freely and take that away! Often, the sad part is, people have become so distanced from Jesus Christ by this point, they have forgotten their freedom in Christ alone, so life itself begins to feel like a noose around their neck. As though all is gone.

I then began to fight on their behalf, until one day I woke up entangled in the noose with them somehow. The harder I fought, the tighter it was. My problem was a misconception of my role in certain situations​.

You see, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. In many cases, I assumed I could ‘fix’ the world because I know I have that power. But I cannot. I cannot change the heart and mind of someone who chooses to live by their own power, choices, and self. That is the free will we talk about and refuse to understand when evil rises in this world, and school shootings occur, or rape happens, or a Holocaust devastates a nation. Free will is the gift we were given that also leads to the evil we’ve received. Free will is what every one desires until evil is the outcome. Then people ask, where is your God now?

In these cases, what I can do through Christ who strengthens me is surrender. Surrender my own hurt, pain, disappointment, fears, and desire to fix everyone at the cross. I know now I was never meant to sit in that noose with them. God never intended for me to be stripped of my peace in attempts to save anyone. I am not a Savior, Jesus Christ is!

Whether you choose Jesus Christ or not is of your own free will. He will wait forever, He will love you forever, whether or not you ever turn to Him. But the Word is clear- heaven is meant for those who accept Christ into their heart.

Today is my birthday. My gift is freedom. Freedom in Christ is a beautiful thing. One I hope to appreciate every single day of my life. No matter my circumstances, His love and his strength will carry me through.

Happy birthday to me!


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