Their Addiction~My Journey-“Sinful Truth”

Moral Compass and Sin

Substance addiction is the chronic obsession and pursuit of drugs or alcohol with a lack of concern for the consequences.

The Bible calls anything above God in our lives an idol and a sin. Substance use eventually goes above EVERYTHING in an addict’s life- their children, work, family, bills, homes, and marriage. We often watch as lives dissolve in the aftermath of chronic substance use. 

Drug use creates a memory of response in the brain. The feeling of substance use became a reward, a way to calm emotions and feelings, an escape from pain and life, or a feeling they enjoyed. The brain doesn’t decipher wrong or right. Instead, it remembers and sends the message to the mind to get more of that! 

Feeling bored- do this. 

Feeling depressed- use that. 

Feeling alone- take one of those. 

Feeling pain- shoot this up. 

Want to feel good- snort that.

Addiction is progressive. First, it’s daily, usually hidden (or so they think) in small quantities but consistent. Then, it needs more. And families begin to see behavior changes. Driving drunk, violence, theft, and missing work are a few changes.

Next will be the using and not caring that we know. Consequences begin because the addiction is bolder and slowly begins to control the person. Abuse spews from their mouth like vomit, and they begin to feel something inside about their use. Instead of being accountable and admitting a problem, families start to get the blame. 

The person sinking into addiction will begin to use excuses to justify their addiction and behaviors. Often, they blame past trauma. Unhealed wounds lead to broken people who do not want to feel. A quick way to avoid emotional pain is to turn the mind off from substance use. 

For some, there is no trauma or past issues. When the finger-pointing begins, families are baffled. It all comes out of nowhere- these were good kids, great adults, successful, and well-rounded. If they don’t have a broken past, they create one in addiction.

Eventually- it will be the addicted life they are running from; yet, they keep running back to it.

They will go in and out of remorse, sobriety, relapse, and treatment. The desperate need to fulfill the cravings becomes obvious. Eviction of their former life begins-divorce, children abandoned, employment ends, and dismissal of those friends who hand them the truth. 

They have no desire to get help at this point, and families cannot understand. Everything is gone, such as homes, treatment, sober living facilities, and even friend’s couches are off limits. Family members refuse to provide a home because of the problems created. There were legal issues, stealing, abusive words, violent outbursts, and multiple hospital visits. Overdose has become common. Families cannot do this ride anymore.

The Consequence

There are now trap houses, tents, trains, parks, empty parking lots, and communities of people who gather on the street. How is this an option? Why won’t they get help? Addiction is in control, and everyone else is to blame for its consequences. 

You can send lists of food banks and shelters- they’ll refuse to go. So instead- you provide a hotel room here and there and send food to the address near where they stay. They have connections at hotels when employees steal member reward points to put them up for a night or more. 

They steal food when they feel like eating, stand on corners asking for money, rob people, use their credit cards, and sell anything and everything for a high. There is no shower, and many places won’t let them in to use a toilet. They are all strangers on the street, walking in one circle as pretend acquaintances- they even steal from one another!

There is no trust, no decency, no more morals. The concept of wrong and right does not affect desperation; addiction hasn’t cared from the beginning and doesn’t care now. Sin runs rampant, and you must let go of morals to stay alive- while slowly committing suicide with each needle or use. In addiction, you never know when this time will be the last.

The Answer

I don’t say all this as judgment because WE ALL SIN. 

These are the facts of one dark world within a dark world. We can’t hide the truth that sin exists within addiction as it does in corporate America, Washington DC, Christian homes, and the church.

It’s not about finger-pointing and judgment but about knowing that separation from God (sin) is destructive but redemptive. 

It is a prison cell, and God is the key. 

It is death, and Jesus is life. 

It is hopelessness-Christ is hope. 

Addiction is pain, and the Holy Spirit is comfort.

There is a counter to every part of addiction-our Heavenly Father.

He is peace and assurance when addiction is chaos and confusion.

Jesus rescued us from all our sins, giving his life for all so that we might live. However, even in Christ- you must choose. You either go right or wrong. You believe, or you don’t. Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, or you get this world in his place.

You have more power than you think. It’s called the ability to choose. It exists in addiction no matter what your brain signals to your mind. Your mind is where your thoughts and choices happen. You always had the power, now use it.

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