Random Thoughts- Jesus Loves You

Listened to a sermon today..and I was reminded to remember:
God loved THE WORLD.

That he sent
His Son, Jesus Christ.

To be the final sacrifice for every heart- no matter mental illness, no matter race, gender, demographics, financial standing, cultural background, or political affiliation…


..Will live eternally with God the Father!

I’m not willing to step away from the mission of Jesus Christ.
-Not in my depression, not in my mania, not in my anxiety, and certainly not in a national unrest amid brokenness and pain!

I can’t make the world change anything, but in Christ all hearts have the freedom to change and love as Jesus loves us!

Nothing in this world filled the void in my heart without Christ.
➡Not medication.
➡Not alcohol.
➡Not sex.
➡Not revenge.
➡Not hate.
➡Not anger.
➡Not lawlessness.
➡Not bitterness.

NOTHING fills the void that God set aside for Him.

Today is the day.
Now is the time.
Jesus Christ lives and loves the WORLD!

Choose Jesus.
Choose Forgiveness.
Choose Mercy.
Choose Hope.
Choose Joy.
Choose Love.

Love u, Lisa

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