Five Minute Friday- How

How to come together

When words strike a chord

of disbelief in unbelief

and unison is no more.

But was it ever?

Did we ever speak one voice,

or lament in dissatisfied

and unfathomable choice.

Were marches done hand in hand?

Or did we hold and then let go?

Have worldly desires conquered

Eternal and permanent hopes?

How does lawlessness


To lawfulness that isn’t fair?

Can we win a racism fight

if the individual racist’s heart

never sees what God deems right?

How do we calm an angry mob,

Or stand and agree with a peaceful woe.

Where do uncertain times lead,

and will we follow, will we go?

I believe in God’s love,

that it conquers fear,

and love thy neighbor,

any neighbor near. 

I believe in giving,

and giving of your firsts.

I believe in a cup of cold water

to aide another’s thirst.

How do we love beyond hate,

cool the anger in debate?

How do we evolve in unity,

With the fault line opened deep?

Will every life come together,

have importance and worth?

Will ‘lives’ include the lives forgotten,

before their worldly birth?

And the elderly who sit alone,

in halls they can’t escape?

The widowed unsure 

in a future they face?

Jesus loved every life,

every breath..

every hair.

When wrong was strong,

His wrath was fair. 

‘How’ is the question

for us to debate.

You love your neighbor as yourself,

you love, not hate.

In all of human interaction,

God knew the simple creed.

To love those around us,

love in action before we see.

And some today call it silly,

To simple to be true.

But God knew.

The answer to the how 

is simply loving you.

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