Random Thoughts -I Am Not A Racist.

A gentleman accused me of racism because I did not condone riots and believed media news must stop using black or white in their headlines. When he said he was “raised better than me, to care about such movements”, this was my response:

“I was raised with compassion, love, and empathy for all-inclusive of every human, regardless of race or gender. I was raised to stand for what is wrong against humanity, not ‘only’ race. I see the good and decency in this world far more than the evil and hate, yet, I do see them both. I acknowledge injustice toward all humans. People argue over 100 year old cases, while I support and stand for those of human trafficking, slavery, unjust incarceration, sexual abuse, drug epidemics and abuse, etc of today! Crimes of which span all races ‘right now’ in countries all over this world. All Americans walk in ‘privilege‘ compared to other nations, but only white Americans are singled out. Our American society is collectively among the elite and richest in the world, unable to comprehend living off pennies a day, but here we sit divided within our own borders not concerned of the harsh and unjust realities around the globe. This is one small topic in the midst of far greater issues. Issues I support and stand for in multiple ways. Americans need to retreat into their own selves and reflect, be grateful, and appreciate what they do have rather than stay down in a false world of what they don’t. I will gladly march against police brutality, lack of accountability, and justice reformation for all. I believe in equality in all arenas of life. I also believe in personal accountability, decency, respect, and care for all.

Yes, we were raised very different. Culture kingdom has swallowed love for humankind and country and is a threat to all.”

“Stop with “Racist”

Friends, stop calling someone racist merely because they disagree with you. Different perspectives don’t make folks racist! Passion for one cause over another doesn’t reflect ignorance or disassociation from a cause you care about. Most humans believe in the sanctity of life, positive living for all, equality, and opportunity. As a Christian, I live by love, and that denounces believing anyone is beneath me (racism) or should be looked down upon due to their color, gender, or demographics. We must love all, without holding back.

If every heart lived by THAT movement, narratives would change. History can’t be rewritten or vanished. It can only be revealed and used to enrich our minds and hearts.

Americans seem to live in a selfish bubble at this time. Unaware of the world in chaos and pain. What some endure today is far greater pain than anything we can comprehend. Yet, we sweep such travesty under the rug, shining our shallow selves bright.

I am not a racist. I have no supremacy in me over other humans. I never have.

God bless.


After my final thoughts, he said he “loved it”.. And we peacefully walked away in respect.


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