Random Thoughts- “Identity, This Topic Though”

What is to come of a community of people who follow the trending word of the day? Or the headline of the week? How will our youth ever grow up to be free thinkers when all we do is tell them what to think by force, intimidation and a cancel culture hell bent on making society follow suit. ​


Authentic Truths-“Grief”

Grief is strange. You want to stay in bed, but suddenly find the energy to move. You find yourself crying throughout the day, right after laughing with someone at your desk.

Random Thoughts -I Am Not A Racist.

Americans seem to live in a selfish bubble at this time. Unaware of the world in chaos and pain. What some endure today is far greater pain than anything we can comprehend.

Random Thoughts- Apologies Unheard

You want a friend to believe in you? I am here. You want to take a moment to see another story than your's, I'm here. We can qualify the narrative that power, greed, and brutality exists among those in positions of trust.

Random Thoughts- A Humbled World

I pray this will slow us down. When the virus peaks and we find ourselves on the other side, I hope we remember the lives lost, and what we did right and wrong. Self-reflection is crucial to moving forward.

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Kristen Neighbarger

Grace for Today. Hope for Tomorrow.

I Have Some Feelings

Amateur Artist, Amateur writer, Professional Amateur

Writer In Retrospect

"When I am writing, I am trying to find out who I am..." --Maya Angelou



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