Poetry- Yes, Black Lives Matter

Crimes of the heart

Clothed in every color- yes, even blue.

Are a distance from God

As all sin is, too.

One breath, let him up!

Give him time to breathe!

Your day to day experience

I’ll never know what it means.

I can’t pretend it doesn’t matter

Won’t push it out of sight.

We can stand together,

Against wrong, for right.

My heart burns with anger

For lack of Godly care,

a man now gone..

And buildings burn in anger..

Shameful what goes on.

President calls them thugs,

Well, I do, too.

Their color doesn’t matter,

Brown, black, a lot of white run loose.

We can’t cry of injustice

Then turn around and be

The injustice to our neighbors

In the name of being free.

Tensions rise, and flames fly high

As people kneel and cars drive by.

Hope evades from those on the outside..

When what we see screams of violent intention,

Why hide?

Show your face.

Stand in place,

Shaming the race in the race of the race.


Many left behind those evil thoughts,

Of you down there

Me up here,

Racism snares be caught.

Attitudes reflect a hearts intellect

And who welcomes their neighbor in?

I’m caught in the middle of living my own life,

And letting others in.

It’s nothing personal,

I have my mess, too.

My scars run deep

And a million of them shine through.

But you don’t know..

because you don’t know me..

And I consider the sister in Christ,

Who tried to shame me.

“You should write about this, Christians stand and repent.”

Don’t shame me.

I have loved and loved and loved them all.

Even my enemy,

In and out of tortured fall.

I live by God and not by man.

I write His call

Not calls of man.

This is a mental health blog,

Not a social justice rant.

I write inspiration about things you can’t.

That don’t mean that I don’t care or see.

That I’ve turned my back on the black community.

You said “don’t speak what you don’t know”,


Shamed me for silence, when I silenced the pen.

We stand united,

All men are created equal,

Those truths tell us so.

I stand for justice, for humanity, and for racism to finally let go.

I want you to walk- peacefully down the street,

Be respected as a human,

As you respect me.

We cant stand united, when shaming others away.

We won’t stand arm in arm

With hatred on display.

Our hearts cry, and our blood looks the same.

For dead men are speaking to the world from the grave.

So don’t come at me with anger,

Don’t cause a sister to sin.

Let’s walk this road together

And watch tides of change roll in.

Know I don’t believe in killing you, or anything that stands against.

You are a child of God Almighty,

And your life matters!

Let that sink in.


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