Bipolar Life- You Do You

Quick note from Facebook-

Social media what?

The other day my husband asked if I had been increasing my attention to my blog and social media page since I’m home. I told him,

“No. I’m doing all I can to get through my own struggle.”

I apologize for not being more available to others. However, since August, I’ve had two serious respiratory infections, escalated stress in attempting to help addict children recover and heal from some trauma- one domestic violence and her own mental health issues, the other- grief at the loss of his pregnant girlfriend, and child. I have taken on two grandchildren (then became a teacher, too) As can be expected, the stress slowly infiltrates your health. I’ve dealt with mental health struggles of my own, anxiety, high blood pressure, and continued respiratory issues. This whole mask wearing thing is unobtainable when you can’t breathe!

I’ve considered doing more videos, engaging through FB live, and ramping up my writing. But at the base of everything, here I sit- recovering myself.

This stay at home has been more along the lines of stay home mentally and work the problems. I understand the need for support at this time, and I do my part in small ways- AND THAT IS OKAY!

Don’t Push Yourself.

I’m doing what I can do, rather than what everyone else out there is doing. I still strive to speak and write, but sometimes we step back and stop our minds for the hope of sanity- our sanity!

It crossed by mind last night that I have had a breakdown. I have been locked up against my will. I have fought the demons of suicide. I have spent thousands on medical bills that all could be traced back to STRESS!

I don’t want to hit repeat.

The mental illness community knows what I’m talking about, and that opportunity to fall on their support is all the opportunity I need.

Jesus put you here for a reason, maybe it’s to support me and the countless others in need.

God bless and stay strong..

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2 Replies to “Bipolar Life- You Do You”

  1. Hello 👋🏻 I cannot handle stress in anyway, shape or form! Thanks for sharing since I thought it was only me! I have struggled to keep a job – I’m now not working because I’m focusing on my health! I wish you the absolute best – I can relate so much. Be well – Tanya

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