Bipolar Life- The Devil Does NOT Live Here

Bipolar disorder- A mental condition marked by alternating periods of elation and depression.

This simple definition says it all. It cannot describe the emotional climb that is mania, and it does not represent the debilitating fall into darkness, and life-threatening choke-hold of depression. Yet, the words we try to summon to explain this mental illness to the world never seem to cut it. In the fiery furnace, we find ourselves in on either side of bipolar; we hope not to find ourselves there alone. 

I follow a few social media style support networks for Christians with depression, and it baffles me that in 2020 we still hear the misguided answer that the devil is living in us through this mental illness. Allow me to correct this with calm words on a screen, as in person, it may get heated. 

I am the child of the King! I am washed and delivered by the blood of Jesus. I rebuke the devil in all his schemes and refuse to allow him to LIVE inside of me. My body is the holy temple of God, to be used to accomplish his good works and be a light to those lost in a world desperately seeking the Way. Don’t be confused. The devil of this world will not penetrate this fortress for God through a mental health condition. In fact, how dare you to limit the power and goodness of my God, the Almighty King, because the chemical make-up of my brain doesn’t flow in perfect harmony. How dare YOU.

Satan is the enemy of Jesus and uses many things to entice the world away from the true Son of God. Fear trembles through his veins at the rising of God’s kingdom, and so he fights. When the chemicals begin to swirl incoherently, he uses that moment to press into my dark thoughts and depression. When I face one direction, refuse to open my eyes, and bask in the light of the Lord, Satan laughs and stirs the pot. He aims to comfort us with agreement in our most profound and scariest moments. His ultimate goal is that we turn away from the God of salvation. 

He who lives in me is greater than he who lives in this world. So when Satan comes in blazing and armed with weapons of mass destruction, Jesus stands up! My Prince of Peace steps in the gap and pulls me in with love and calm assurance. It may take days, weeks, or months to reorganize the thought pattern that batters my mind, but He is a patient giver of life. Each day when my eyes open is a day of celebration for a victory of the King. 

Jesus has no fear. 

When the walls close in on the hurting soul of a fighting believer, He shows up. 

When the waters crash in to drown the believer fighting on their knees, Christ whispers for calmer seas and pushes the waves back.

And when the fires rage in the inescapable furnace, Jesus stands over us with protection from the scorching heat of life. 

Stop telling Satan’s lies. Stop discriminating against the family of Christ who fights a mental illness by suggesting they gave their hearts to Christ, but our minds aren’t allowed. Most of all, stop putting limits on the King of Kings, for, by His power, we are already healed. In the precious Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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