Lost & Found- Don’t call me OLD or FAT!

There are people in this world who do not think before they speak. Are you sitting there reading this and saying to yourself, “Don’t I know it.” I am not throwing stones, as I am guilty on more than one occasion of walking away from a conversation smacking myself upside the head, thinking ‘why did I say that!’

In December, I was the brunt of a comment that seemed rude. I could be sensitive, but it was hurtful and a dagger to my self-esteem. I have experienced a couple years of difficult situations and stress has taken a toll. I was recovering from major neck surgery, emotional pain from issues with my child, doing my best to help raise two grandchildren in elementary school, so yes, STRESS HAS TAKEN A TOLL.

The first comment came with a hug and sympathy:

“Oh Lisa, you’ve aged 10 years!”

Thanks for that. Even to my worst enemy, would I never say those words! I looked in the mirror with different eyes that day. I did not see a woman fighting, I saw a woman lost. Sure, I needed my hair cut and dyed. The lines under my eyes were telling a story I was too young to share. Nevertheless, the audacity to say such a thing to a hurting soul seems cruel.

I changed a few things in my regime after that. All for the better, though the sting remains.

Then, only a few months later, while stepping out of my comfort zone and attempting to be hospitable, I was driving a new acquaintance to a gathering. We had just walked my favorite place, which boasts a three-mile long venture above lions, tigers and bears. I thanked her for coming, especially since I am working on losing weight and enjoy that walk. I told her I used to be much thinner. She then exclaims loudly, “Oh I know, I saw your pictures. What happened?”

Mortified, turning red, but politely hiding my shock, I responded with life, age, menopause..

What is wrong with people? Man Almighty, they challenge me to be kind, they do!

It is now July 2019. Earlier this month I took one of those selfies that people use as ‘before’ pictures, and with hesitation, sent it off to the one person I trust to encourage me through this difficult battle. I gave her a rundown of why I was sending this scary picture, and began my personal journey. I will not be sharing that picture as people are brave and cruel on social media, I do not need to hear more.

Be kind. It is simple. We live in a difficult world with difficult people. In the space between them are those who can generate a smile, lift a hurting heart, encourage the fearful one, and give hope to the hopeless. Kindness comes in words, and actions, when we look beyond our self and engage others. If you have to share something, please, make it kindness.

Stay tuned. I am excited for what is to come. I love myself. God has created a masterpiece, whether physically seen or not, it does not matter. I pray to stay strong in Christ, whose beauty shines and outlasts anything this world throws out.


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