The pain began in an instant,

Yet lingers every day.

The struggle to cope unfathomable..

only others in this loss
will know my pain..

I’ve cried tears till dry.

Then cried the hurt

straight from my heart.

I’ve smiled when it was a lie.

Made each day my new start.

But the nights they remain.

And the memories

They stay.

There’s no sudden answers.

No sudden relief.

No advice in the hollow..

Just a void..


In the center of my grief.


It didn’t get better with time.

It hurts just the same.

People fear a talk with me,

Fear to say her name.

But they don’t have to fear,

I know it’s hard to do.

I need someone to understand

The hell I’ve gone through.

A single day changed my life.

And it will always be

A day I remember,

A day I’m free to grieve.

You may not remember,

The day may come and go.

I will never forget..

My heart to her will hold.

I make no apologies,

For taking a moment or two.

To stop in this day,

To cry in my loss,

To feel nothing else,

But the feelings

grief brought me to.

How do we carry on?

It’s different for us all.

Some pick up and move ahead,

Some bounce through confusion,

trying with all they have..

Trying not to fall.

But every heart

Torn apart

From the loss

And the dark.

Needs to know,

Oh, you need to know…

It’s courage.

It’s unknown will power.

It’s a strength you don’t know you have.

It’s the ability to be able

in the chaos

and aftermath.

It’s love.

Love for others who need you.

It carries many through their difficult days.

Grief rips and sews,

In the most


and confusing


Your loss is real.

Even when you’ve come to a place where you can finally feel.

It’s still there.

In the back of your mind

and the front of your heart..

In the deepest ravines

of your soul..

Where the once was

and the here and now meet.

Where there’s finally room

for more.

..more life to give and to receive.

More hope to offer others

in their unspeakable grief.

This is the journey.

But today is the day.

Where you stop..

..and be okay,

To grieve a loss and love,

To cry, and think more

than you usually do.

Because today is the day

You remember her,

And you consider..

You survived the turbulence

Grief brought you through.

To my daughter..

I will never understand. I will never feel what you feel. But I hold you in my heart and prayers because I love you and know you hurt. For all those parents who have suffered the greatest loss, I send you love and light in your darkness.


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