Poetry-Running Back to Christ

Oh my God,

Almighty King.

I reflect on

every chance..

Chances you’ve given me.

I ran away

You said sit down.

I caved to inhibition

And let you down.

I walked the wider road

As you called for me.

Arms waving in desperation

For a lost child to see.

I turned my back in ignorance

Pled for you to let me go.

Kicked and fought tirelessly,

Not wanting to face what you know.

This is our story..

Over years and decades of life.

Our story of love and anger

Of turbulent worldly strife.

And while I refused,

You never did.

Nothing less than love.

You refused to give in.

Are there words to express

The long tattered road we weave?

Where life begins

The shadow of a cross lies,

And the Hope of eternity

Dies.. in three days He’d rise.

To save the world,

For all to see.

Jesus Christ, a Savior.

Saved a sinner like me.

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