Their Addiction-My Journey- A Life Unseen

A Life Unseen

There is pain no one sees.
Darkness I can’t escape.
Walls have closed in
On the real I cannot face.
I stare lifeless at the fire,
Satan glares right back at me.
Laughs from up above
As I fight this evil
To get free.

Run, little girl​, run.
Straight to the precipice down below.
Run, run, as far as you can
No where else to go.

“I hold the key to their lives.”
He throws it right into my face.
Tears are falling,
My heart is breaking,
I feel shame.
I feel disgrace.

Who am I to fight a battle
Never meant for me?
How do I help?
What can I do?
When I struggle just to breathe?

I see His light breaking through,
I feel hope rise again.
I hear the voice of Jesus speak,
Whispers of love, comfort,
and strength.
His calm and centered peace.

As the darkness fades away,
And Jesus replaces my fear.
I know that there will come a day
When barriers are moved.
And strongholds are broken.
Freedom for those I hold dear.

Until then I choose to pray,
For conviction led opened eyes.
As helpless as I now may be,
I believe there will come a time.
When hearts are mended and truths
Will set them free.
And once again I’ll find my breath,
And breathe so effortlessly.

-from my heart…



3 Replies to “Their Addiction-My Journey- A Life Unseen”

  1. Thank You! Tahnk You! From my heart and soul for using your time to [what I would call a continuning effort] on impacting others like us affected by this horrific, sad, progressive, disease. You are the perfect example of what I hope to see more of, less of existing and more living if we JUST MAKE THE CHOICE 2 RECOVER!!! I follow you often and am always learning or your words resegnate within my head & heart. I cannot wait for my website is up and moving…

    Liked by 1 person

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