Quick Reflections- “Texas Highways”

Addiction Stories

~Photographer Unknown~

This picture reminds me of the time my child ran off from her boyfriend’s RV after an intoxicated fight. She was far from home, walking down a Texas highway, and fell to her knees asking God for help. (Amazing how fast we do that in bad times) …anyhow…

She told me she fell to her knees and like a miracle, a trucker arrived and gave her a ride.

She texted me not to worry because ‘he had a cross and a Bible on his dashboard’.


I was sitting at my desk at work three states away in tears and convinced I’d never see her again. I’ve seen the movie- she’d be sold and that would be it. They’d find her body in some field. Every bad thought ran through my mind.

I’m thinking many serial killers hide behind something, including faith! There was no comfort in a cross and a Bible in his cab.

But.. God had other plans.

They weren’t props on his dashboard, they were true reminders of Jesus Christ. He picked her up, and quietly drove her miles away to the nearest town.

The trucker was indeed a gift. He delivered her to a hotel (that we paid for), bought her a pizza for the night and morning. We made arrangements with my husbands coworker who worked down there, and she flew back home (a ticket we also paid for) to Colorado the next day. The coworker drove two hours to get her and two hours back to the airport.

She wasn’t sold, murdered, or hurt in any way. My 20 year old arrived in Colorado the next evening. For the first time, I realized we had a REAL problem. I lived in denial of so much until that day. That was 10 long years ago.

Today, I wonder if she realizes she has more opportunities than a cat with nine lives. Opportunities to live, love, experience life, grow and appreciate. Her many miracles don’t seem to penetrate the walls of addiction. The memory is short I suppose, some forget the most profound lessons.

This is just one small incident in the life of family addiction. One terrifying afternoon for a mother who fought long and hard in a battle I could never win- because it was never mine.


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