Bipolar Life, The Journal #70, A Note to You

The best lesson of my life-

Nothing about my story is exceptional. Not the pain of my past. Not the surviving I had to do. Not the suicidal thoughts I’ve lived with. Not one single health difficulty, physical or mental. Nothing about my life was ever a unique or unusual story.

Many people out there have suffered beyond my comprehension, worse than my worst. Many people in the same story have succeeded beyond my comprehension. Many people have never shared a word about what they lived through; they just lived valiantly and remarkably. They learned to love so freely.

The only thing unique about me is how I, individually, have responded to the hurts of the past to joyfully live through the pressures of today—opening my heart to reflect love, the same love shown to me. I am unique in how I chose to love myself beyond the shell I once was. I continued to love others unconditionally, but with my conditions- that I never give up and I never put anyone above my God.

Maybe my lesson is the one you need today. Maybe your pain is still holding you down, even to the point of wrapping itself around your throat and constricting every breath you take. Perhaps you are so stuck amid your anger and tragedy that YOU are the one strangling yourself, and you never noticed.

You can’t move forward when you are sitting smack dab, making excuses, in your past. The past doesn’t run into your present or future with you. You choose to stay back there in the muck, covered in the filth and fire. Internally dying yet burning with a desire to leave, but never realizing all you have to do is stand up and walk away. Also known as moving on.

Nothing about my story is unique. I am just one face in the crowd with some sadness, hurt, and one incredible journey to healing.

Your friend,

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