Five Minute Friday- Prompt Word “Experience”

God works through experiences.

I had no experience in administering CPR. But this week, I became experienced. My daughter lives because of my ability to follow instructions and God’s hand calming me down.

(You can read the tragic story here.)

I wish I had no distinguished resume of these life experiences. Yet, I do. Lately, the lessons are significant and profound. I’d rather not admit the depth of my expertise in mental illness, but here I am-bipolar me. I wish I knew nothing of overcoming childhood abuse, but I do. I’d give anything to have no contribution to the topic of parenting addicts. However, that is covered. Marriage failure and revival-check. Midlife changes, I’m there. Midlife career evolution, let’s do it.

If our life experiences shape who we are and make us stronger, I must be comparable to Goliath or Hulk Hogan. Hand me the cape, and I’ll fly away to be a hero.

No, I am not a hero. My experiences are cringe-worthy. Navigating God’s purpose in the aftermath isn’t always easy. Who am I, and why me?

My Life Belongs to the Lord

Each new experience reminds me that He made me for this very moment. When I find myself in the center of tragedy or victories, I remember I am never alone. As God’s glory shines through, He illuminates my heart and draws me into acceptance and courage while removing my doubt and fear.

It is important to appreciate the diverse circumstances God walks me through. They keep me close and open the door to deeper conversations with Him.

Experiences are blessings, even the painful ones.


4 Replies to “Five Minute Friday- Prompt Word “Experience””

  1. You’re a hero to me.

    This is for you.

    Caped heroes walk among us,
    but they are in disguise
    for they do not want a fuss,
    but you can tell them by their eyes.
    They have seen what few have seen,
    and they have gone through deepest hell
    hostages to demon-dream,
    and they came out looking well.
    We take for granted that the earth
    spins on its gay and blue-white course
    but were it not for heroes’ birth
    things would be so much, much worse,
    for their strong backs are heaven’s shield,
    and we’re safe because they will not yield.

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