Bipolar Life- A Support Network for Mental Health

Last night I returned to my mental health support group. I started in the fall, but life swept over me, and I had difficulties getting back. I missed last week due to a migraine, so I was anxious to be in that little safe room once again.

I learned something new about myself after attending. I write as part of my therapy (as you know if you follow this blog), but writing and being face to face in a supportive community are two different things. While writing is a way to release and calmly express myself, walking in and letting go of built-up emotions is not only a release but extremely therapeutic. I am not a crier. However, the ability to surround myself with women of faith in the presence of the Lord made it easy to allow the tears to flow. Whether a few or river, those tears are small pieces of healing falling from our eyes.

I have long been on the fence regarding support networks. I attended some that only brought me down, and others with so little accountability, you can’t rely on their process as support. I appreciate the current group I am meeting with as we are using a specific workbook written for mental health. Our book includes tools for digging into our minds and hearts, as well as into the Word. A perfect combination for Christians willing to fight for their mental health.

I am blessed to have this opportunity right at my church. If you are interested, the study we are using is through Grace Alliance, and the book is called Living Grace (a second edition is coming out soon). If you are looking for a support group that enjoys utilizing the Bible and real-world examples of dealing with mental illness, or would like to start your own in your area, visit their website.

I am rising from a deep depression, and it is beneficial to have the light of Christ shining from all directions. The power of love is a beautiful thing, and I experience it every Tuesday! I am blessed.


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