Bipolar Life- The Journal #58, A Facebook Note

Depression sucks.

Sitting in the darkest chamber of your soul, unable to breathe, and in fear of movement. Rocking back and forth while holding your knees to your chest, and your deepest secrets locked inside.

Everyone you meet is greeted with a smile and is blind to your pain, or exhaustion, or fear. You are a pro at hiding the truth and manipulating your own emotions and feelings. But the thoughts, they rip through your mind like a fierce demon. Depression is a place of uncertainty- unsure if you control your mind or ‘they’ do.

Depression isn’t always lying in bed, crying for days on end, not eating, or bathing. It can also be the person who gets up and showers, eats, works, cleans, and keeps going.

But everything inside is lost, but no one knows anything is missing, namely you.

What they see and what exists are two different things.

I hope you are doing ok tonight. Always here if you need to chat. I try to respond to all messages within 24 hours.

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