Five Minute Friday- Start

Five minutes, one word.. GO

I didn’t see what was coming. Oh, but it arrived. Change fell at my feet like leaves in the fall. Unprepared, I marched on. Ahead was the unknown tempting me to turn back. The Devil hides in temptation and fear; I knew better.

So here is where we start from a near-empty house, back to a full one. An empty nest no more, we sift through the unfamiliar and learn each other’s rhythm. We work together to help children feel loved, consistency, and home. I work hard to help my child feel welcome, loved, and accepted. She is dealing with some mess. I pray for her healing and growth.

We start where an end exists. This a new beginning and opportunity to start over. We don’t always get a redo, so taking it for granted should never be an option.

We are at the starting line, and the whistle is about to blow. As one melody, we each take our place, kneel, and prepare to take off. The finish is in the far distance. That word is for another day.


Friends, you have to check our Five Minute Friday. One word, five minutes, and you don’t even have to edit! Join the worldwide community today!

8 Replies to “Five Minute Friday- Start”

  1. The sharp crack of the starting gun
    is the end of nervous peace.
    The race I’d feared had now begun,
    with a curious free release.
    There’s no hope in the diagnosis,
    I’m dead man walking, that’s for sure,
    but the green mile has a purpose
    if I do not my faith abjure.
    Perhaps the cancer was allowed
    by God, to let me prove a point
    that I will stand, and won’t be cowed
    in the place where pain and fear conjoint.
    I’m honoured that I run this race
    of love and hope and boundless grace.

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  2. “We start where an end exists.” Oh, so true. And, we should. Yet that end snares with fear and often times we plop right down in that place. That’s often been true for me, anyway. Working on changing that. Beautiful writing. (Stopped over by way of FMF.)


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