Poetry- A Cheater’s Face

How can I pray to you

Pour out all of me

My thoughts roam the world

And fall on other things.

This is my heart

Where idols lie.

Beneath the surface

All the time.

And I look inside

but only see

Those things I hold

and inward cheat.

They come in first

In the war and race

Where priorities scramble

Then land misplaced.

I hear your word

And strong command

But place them there

Where God should stand.

If I sing louder, and declare His name

He’ll never notice they took his place.

If I commit to pray and pray

He’ll never see

My heart has strayed.

That one thing took over me

And eventually, stood over you,

Became my number one, you see

And first in all I do.

It’s different for each one of us

Work, money, sex.

And when we think God doesn’t know

He was first to read that text.

He saw the look upon our face

Desire that innocently grew

And God tried to help you see

What’s always best for you.

“You shall have no other gods

Before me in your life.”

For when you do,

You fall away

Further over time.

We don’t realize other gods

Come in many forms,

And cheat on the One true God

Who longs to love us more.

Be aware of what you hold

And where your love is placed.

Put nothing above

And all below

And you will never stray.


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