Bipolar Life- Mental Vacation

At home, the stress multiplies and conquers. It is an ugly battle that I have been known to lose.

In my battle against the invasive predator, I had to find some routines to that actually work for me. I can Google stress relievers all day long, but if those ideas offer no results, there is no reason to waste my time. However, there are some good ideas out there that might work for you. Here is one of mine.

I am sitting in a small town in the middle of Nebraska as I type. So excited for this long weekend getaway, I forgot my laptop. We just came in from fishing, so Craig, my husband, is resting from the heat. Here I sit, using my phone as a work station (so hoping I type something that makes sense-stupid autocorrect). I attempted to fish but it’s not a gift of mine. He caught 49 fish today, I caught two, but I had fun!

While he walks the river, I usually stay in my one spot. When I am done fishing, I take out my new amazing reclining lounge chair to read, or explore the area.

This was a beautiful lush area I found.

Today I chose my chair, read for a bit, then tried to still my mind. I intentionally wanted to focus on every sound I heard until I heard nothing more. It worked. I fell asleep in the hot sun. I relaxed myself into a peaceful rest. Luckily a car drove by and woke me before I was red and covered with sunburn.

This is not a desirable location. Who goes on a getaway to Nebraska? We do. Craig loves fishing here. For me it is the idea of being away. Away from the daily stress, worry, and decision making that must be done. Here, where we stay in North Platte, we’ve found some quiet places. I love listening to the water flow, and being in the midst of a slower pace. It is clean! I am ashamed of dirty Denver today.

This is a stress-free zone. I am miles away from being able to do anything relating to my daily stress. I learned a few years ago, if I get away, I had to force myself to let go. I use this time to regroup as I unwind. We enjoy each other’s company, or the silence if we have nothing to say. We appreciate the time away together and the space we’ve created to escape.

This is an inexpensive four days. We have a favorite hotel that is comfortable, clean, and cheap (one of the cheapest here that’s not a motel!) We eat small meals, visit local sites, and go with the flow. It’s refreshing and enjoyable and never breaks the bank.

I will return in a couple days to my routine, and a possibility that the stress could increase substantially. But hey, atleast I’ll have some renewed energy to deal with it.

Do you have a special retreat you use to escape from the stress and monotony? Does it help your mental health?


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