Their Addiction-My Journey-Grief in Addiction

I circle round and round

Through dark

and uncertainty.

And wonder how much more

You can take from me.

I’ve tried all that I know

Just to see you through.

But now all that you need

Will only come from you

When evil can be seen within

hollow and darkened eyes..

There’s no way to run,

no where here to hide.

I see pain gliding

Like a flock of birds.

Taking every peace we know,

With it’s fighting words.

It says you’re not enough,

And you can’t be redeemed.

You have fallen short,

Grace is out of reach.

But louder than it’s cry,

I hear Jesus say to you,

“Come to me,

I will get you through.

I will carry you.”

Today was a bitter day.

In one I felt defeat.

Where the skewed vision

was blind,

and the heart forgot to beat.

You left me sitting here

Crying silent tears.

Rolling in and out of anxiety,

in my anger and my fear.

But this is not my prison,

these are not my games.

This is not my battle,

this is not my shame.

Jesus there is watching,

watching and feeling deep.

Another child lost in addiction,

I believe I heard him weep.

You are one of many,

this scenario is nothing new.

And all He wants right now

is to see you through.

He’ll carry you.

Come and be redeemed.

Close the gap between,

Grace is within your reach.

You’ve walked away from His love and comforting.

You’ve run so far,

He still knows everything.

He waits for you

to turn his way.

For arms to open

and receive His grace.

He loves completely,

as he waits, and waits,

and waits.

With my exhausted hand,

a mind that screams, “No”,

and a heart crushed

by the weight of pain,

I remember now, to let it go.

This addiction is hell,

the consequences dire.

The ache burns inside my being

Like a building set on fire.

But my extinguisher is mighty

And I’m clothed in fire-proof gear.

While this road is frightening,

Jesus Christ is always here.

So while I watch in waiting,

and do what I must do.

I hand my beauty, breaking,

to the One who will see her through.

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