Giving It All, All The Time

A World In Need

I love Christmas. Not for any personal reason (I celebrate the birth, life, death and resurrection of my Lord and Savior every day of my life, aloud!), but to watch others around me get excited. The love is flowing as people come together to offer a hand up to those in need, or deliver food and gifts to those who might be struggling to make ends meet. I read everywhere that ‘this is the time of year’ to be kind, to be caring and to share a bit more light. I have no idea why ‘this’ is that time, and not every day of the year, but so be it.

This month has been a bit more eventful in our house as we are caring for two grandchildren. Yesterday, my granddaughter and I delivered some gifts to a household in need. She was full of joy to know she was able to help two different families during this holiday season. I was full of joy to see her feel good in knowing she was able to help others, too. To know helping was her gift and blessing just reminded me that I am doing something right. Sharing that lesson with the kids was great, but teaching them that lesson year round is critical.

We should never be satisfied with doing as much as we can once a year, when the need is out there all year long.

I was once a single mother of two. It was then that I searched for and found Jesus Christ. It was on December 27, 1997, washed in the waters of baptism, my life changed immensely. Washed of the sin of the past, and declaring for all to hear that I accept Jesus as the Lord of my life, forever. It was on that day my heart changed from prisoner to free. That baptism was my public testimony that this life now belongs to Jesus Christ, this heart now flows for the one whose blood flowed for me.

Our world is fast changing folks. There is a decline in morality, and it is staggering. The loss of hope infecting many young hearts and minds is painful. Pride, selfishness, deceit, and greed dictate how lives function. The greater good is lost to personal agenda. Personal agenda, blurred by desire for wants more than needs.

Today, more than ever, we need a Savior.

We have one. Jesus Christ. Historians cannot deny him. He was a living, breathing man who walked the walk, who lifted those out on the margins. He taught of love and honor, obedience, and commitment. Jesus loved beyond comprehension, and called us to do the same. He called out the sinners and loved them enough to enjoy a meal at their table, or sleep under their roof. His miracles were endless, his forgiveness the same. When he took his final breath on that cross, a sinner he took home with him.

Jesus Christ died a lonely, undeserving death on that cross for all of us who could never do what he could do. He set the ultimate example of sacrifice, just so we could make it home. The loss people feel, the hole that will never be filled with anything of this world, can only be filled by one name, Jesus Christ.

We should never be satisfied with doing as much as we can once a year, when the need is out there all year long. The need for others to come to know who Jesus Christ is, and what his birth, life, death and resurrection means. The need is there for Christians to give back, help others, and love one another all year long. The need is great, and our Mighty King has given us all we need to meet such needs-365 days a year.


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