Authentic Truth- All About Me

I have had a bit of a block going on for a few weeks now. One of those quiet times, when nothing is quiet in your mind, but no words are flowing either. I wish I were immune to this frustration, but that is not the case.

As life plays out around me, I find myself in the middle of so much clutter, that breathing is difficult. Mind you, none of this ‘life’ is my clutter. However, it effects me in many ways. I have intentionally silenced the inner mechanism that can’t help but throw two cents out there. (Well, I am making efforts anyhow. I’m not good at silencing me.)

I wonder if people realize their selfishness. I am beginning to believe it is an unknown phenomenon that is literally beaming, in ugly colors, with every word.

“I’m not getting what I want.”

“I’m not hearing the message I need to hear.”

“They aren’t catering to ‘my‘ feelings.”

“He isn’t giving ‘us’ what we need.”

I’ve heard so much accusatory nonsense that I feel nauseated. Yes, nauseated.

I completely understand when the worlds mentality of ‘all about me’ shines brightly out in the world. We always knew we are not of this world. However, I am slightly baffled, maybe a tad bit amused, when I see this happen within the church.

Who do you think you are? When did God command us to whine about ourselves and what we think God is not providing?

You know what..

The people who are doing all this whining, have no clue that they are questioning God himself. The messages they’ve been hearing are prayed over and Spirit led. Perhaps what you don’t think you need to hear, is exactly what God needs you to receive!

We see selfishness every day in our T.V. One person has a ‘feeling’ that they are somehow missing out in some master plan, so they begin to protest. Or more often, get on social media and start some smear campaign against those they blame. Feelings are on my nerves. We were never meant to live based on our feelings people. Let…it…go!

Our lives are to shine one light- the light of Jesus, to all the world. If your ugly light is pointing at yourself, you’ve got it wrong. If you are more concerned with what you’re not getting versus what you are giving, you are wrong. If you would skip church because you don’t like the message, especially when that message comes from the Word of God- you are being selfish, and you are wrong.

People blame the church for their inability to get up and go to church. How will that conversation go with God?

“Well, you see, God Almighty, she hurt my feelings, so I didn’t want to be part of YOUR church anymore.”

“That sermon series, you see God, it didn’t pertain to me. So why should I show up.”

“I do not agree with their decision, so I am done with church, God.”

Who do you think wins with these excuses?

Satan wants nothing more but to separate you from God. He is happy to see God’s church dividing, leaving, shutting God’s family out. Your selfish pity party is exactly what the devil will use to gain grounds on earth.

Congratulations, you’ve opened another door, and let him in.

All the while, Christians have no idea that they aren’t throwing a fit against the pastor, or the leadership. They are throwing this temper tantrum against God! You do not know what plans God has. You cannot fathom what He is capable of in the midst of a battle. You can’t imagine the good He can bring from any bad situation.

Still, you are ready to call it quits. You are willing to walk away. Without prayer, without patience in letting God work.

Shame on you.

Shame on all of us. How far have the statistics fallen? How many Americans identify as a Christian in today’s society? How many are part of a church family today? How many live their life for Christ on a daily basis? Who is willing to GO and make disciples? Who is asking God to lead as they willingly follow? Who is willing to surrender their own life, to be His?

How will they know we are Christians? By our love. When we walk out on God because things aren’t going our way, are we exhibiting love?

We do not get the luxary of selfish love. There is way too much work to be done.





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