Authentic Truths-One Step at a Time

We all have a story. Your story may be beautiful and happy, or downright ugly and sad. But it’s that story that has gotten you this far. It’s that story that has, hopefully, built your character, your strength and possibly your resolve. Your words are truly mesmerizing, your shadows are inviting, not intimidating. What you have been through, and what you have not, have both been a blessing.

It is a privilege to sit among a group of woman with varying backgrounds and to listen to the depth of their heart being poured out. My experience is uniquely my own, and so is theirs. We each bring fragments of brokenness into the arena of healing, and together, we claim victories on multiple levels. If ever one thinks they are alone, they would be wrong. If one person believes there is no one in this world that will ever understand what they’ve experienced, or what they’ve so valiantly overcome, they would be wrong. For while every story is unique and individual, many are quite the same.

As the tears slowly escaped my eyes, I had a sense of fear that what I was hearing could find its way into my life- but then I realized.. it already had.

I was sitting there, and you were sitting there, and together we began the journey of healing. You did it, you know. You put one foot in front of the other, and walked into a room to make a new beginning. I know that it won’t be easy, it won’t be perfect, but you have made the choice to step, one day at a time, into your new story.

The company within those walls was both comforting and extremely honest. I experienced authentic and genuine emotion. I could look into the eyes of every person and feel the love of a friend, the calm within the chaos and the desire to help. There was nothing false, nothing forbidden. The truth of shame and loss of dignity, and the real story of the climb back to sanity, the fight against the desire, and both- the victory or the loss, were shared.

Our stories may be full of regret and sadness, but I believe every single story has purpose and potential. If ever there was a day that I felt pride for the choice you made, it is today. For you chose to make your way (no matter how hard it was to find) into one place that moves with life, acceptance, recovery and healing. You chose to write a new chapter, and for that I am eternally grateful.

For my daughter, your recovery has been beautiful, 2017

To the beautiful ladies at the AA meeting, you gave me one of the most impactful, profound moments of my life


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