Authentic Truths-Love Your Neighbor

As the news rolled out, people responded passionately. As has been the norm on social media.

A white supremacist rally, an angry attender, car, smashed into protesters, a beautiful life lost (1-last I heard), 19 injured..a heart breaking story that adds to the many race issues that have plagued the US in recent years.

While others quickly take to social media to vent their anger, disgust, political views, and other personal commentaries, I held back.

Unlike so many others, I took time to pray.

I prayed for the victim’s family, I prayed for the injured, I prayed for the traumatized, I prayed for the first responders, police, community, and our country. I asked God why, I asked if it would ever stop, I asked many things that are between him and I.

Then this morning, I was slowly responding to the debates, the angry social media posts, against my better judgement.

Blame was being thrown around, hateful words, that some may feel justified, but are still hateful, being slammed over media devices.

Immediately, I removed myself from the conversation, deleted any comments I made, and returned to my former posture, prayer.

All day I’ve thought about the social issues pertaining to the U.S..

I’ve thought about the days in my own life when I experienced hateful condemnation. I remembered what it was like to be on public welfare due to being a single parent, and having people look down their nose at me. I remembered the comments about having two kids so young. The ridicule that led to so much shame and guilt in my life, that I isolated myself from anyone but my family.

*Opinion during my lowest points:

We have two main political parties-
-One was the party that made we feel worthless for having to receive any assistance at all.
-One was the party that made me feel worthless and that I must depend on public assistance, because I wasn’t ‘capable’ of doing life without that assistance.

So in my young eyes, both of these parties failed me.

I’m much older now, and have voted as a right and responsibility as a citizen. I’m not always confident in my selections of leadership, and to vote my heart, have written a vote in, that I admit, was a waste of a vote, but my choice.

But this tragedy over the weekend, I DO NOT blame politicians for. It’s time we stop blaming anyone but those that commit the crimes.

This act of hate represents a much deeper issue within the heart of one man. A deeper issue revolving around the movements that Americans choose to be part of. The issues revolving around evil and uncivilized hatred, bigotry, racism.

God knew how to combat such social issues. He made it clear.. Love God, love your neighbor. Because if we choose to love God with all our heart, then we won’t have room for hate, and to make sure we really got it, the second command was given, love your neighbor..

Not just your white neighbor, or black neighbor, or Christian neighbor.. Love your neighbor


So we can march more streets to get our opinion heard, to beg for change in law and policy, we can demand the government to do something- but the truth is, the government cannot change the heart of men. If hearts changed, government wouldn’t be necessary.

Only YOU can change your own heart and mind. Only you can love your neighbor.

So while people stand face to face screaming at each other with hate, sarcasm, and words that ignite whatever it is they want to ignite, I sit here praying, simply,

“Lord, help me to love every neighbor in this world as I love myself.”



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