Authentic Truths in Addiction – “The Quiet Truth of the Possibility of Death”

Parents of loved ones in addiction often live in fear of death. It’s a real state of mental distress as your child falls deeper into this traumatizing disorder.

Some parents choose to live solely in hope of recovery. Believing it will be a positive and easier approach. They never consider their child dying. For them, it may be the best way.

Some people, like me, come to terms that addiction can lead to death. Period. Accepting that truth is how I found peace. I better adjusted my thoughts and actions in the impossible position I found myself navigating.

As loved ones choose to enter sobriety, receiving the help necessary to detox and find a base to begin their unique recovery journey, the possibility of relapse remains.

As they reach one milestone after another, the possibility of relapse remains.

After years pass, we encourage and cheer them on, while always knowing the threat of relapse.We live in hope for a lifetime of recovery, living, and success! It is the same hope every parent enjoys.

However, addiction will affect our day-to-day positivity- how can it not?

There will be tears and moments of hopelessness. We will swim in the currents of emotional distress, physical reaction, hopeful elation, joyous occasions, distant relations, and so much more.

As we make our way through our recovery, we will live above the seas of torment. We will come to peace and accept things we cannot control or change, have the courage to change the things we can, and gain wisdom to know the difference. (The Serenity Prayer) These won’t be repetitious words on some plaque or poster on the wall, they will become the truth we live by; our truth to survive the pain of another’s addiction.

Accepting the final consequence of substance use can be death is not giving up or casting hope aside. It is being authentic with the reality of addiction. We all pray and hope for a recovery that lasts a lifetime- we believe it is always possible!

We will not give up that hope.

♥️ Lisa

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Authentic truths in Addiction

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