Their Addiction ~My Journey- “Totally Wrecked”

I will never know the whole story- but I know enough.

This vehicle was the only home they had because drugs own all decisions right now- along with the consequences.

I consider that it is the passenger side of this vehicle that is crushed. That’s where she was sitting, no seatbelt. The car rolled four times.

There were mild to moderate injuries that didn’t receive the best care, because leaving against medical advice was more important. There were no head or spinal injuries. I have no idea how they escaped a bigger tragedy.

It is often said there is a ‘rock bottom’ in addiction- however, no one can predict what that is.

So far, it’s-

..not losing relationships.
..not losing your spouse and children.
..not arrests and jail.
..not suicide attempts and CPR.
..not Narcan and overdose.
..not watching your friends die.
..not homelessness.
..not infections from needles.
..not organ failure from using.
..not rolling with no seatbelt four times in your car, your home.
and the list goes on.

Rock bottom is an illusion. Within each one is a trapdoor. If you don’t reach up, you keep falling down.

My hope is as God blesses each disaster with his life saving love and grace, the miracle in each one will be appreciated. Though she feels God has left her, she will look back and be overwhelmed by His presence from one experience to the next. A day will come when she says, “I have no idea how I survived.” And in the next breath, she will know- it was God.

She couldn’t run away fast enough.
She couldn’t hide. Her anger never kept Him away. Her rejection was always one-sided.

When she felt unworthy? God showed up to show her she was worth saving, worthy of life.

When she felt unloved, God poured unimaginable love on her.

When she felt forgotten, God proved she was known and wanted.

She can’t see all this love today. She is blind to a Savior who has never given up, never left, never held her sin or anger against her. He sees every bad choice, sees the struggle to change her thoughts, he knows the pain and frustration of her heart- and still, He stays.

My prayer on this night is vision unleashed! A pure awakening to truth and acceptance that in her mess she is always loved- whether she likes it or not!

That’s the love of a Heavenly Father.
That’s who meets her at every rock bottom.


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