Five Minute Friday- Writing Challenge-“Important”

The prayers of my heart at the end of 2021 were desperate cries and helpless pleas. I closed the year with sadness like nothing I had experienced before. 

“Lord, help my daughter; I cannot do this anymore.”

Just like that, the swirling chaos in my mind shifted toward calm. After years (as in a decade) of loss and pain in her addiction, I opened the door and stepped out. The phrase ‘let go and let God’ became very real overnight. 

As scripture says, it is essential to guard our hearts and minds (Proverbs 23). Ungodly thoughts lead to a lack of faith and trust in the Lord. What flows from our heart should be life-giving, and our hearts should be an abundant river teeming with God’s Word and flowing with His love. In the case of loved ones in addiction, their darkness can slowly consume us. It is important to recognize the stronghold of the desire to save their lives or help them somehow. As our thoughts overwhelm His Word, they become idols and lead down difficult paths. 

I look forward to a new year wrapped in hope and peace. It is important to me to stay focused on God above all else. I commit to energizing my prayer life, studies, writing, and seeing God in all situations before reacting or responding. I am thankful for today and the blessing of our Lord. 

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7 Replies to “Five Minute Friday- Writing Challenge-“Important””

  1. I totally understand. We have loved ones in our family who struggle with addiction as well. It’s hard to do, but you do have to give them over to God, or addiction steals your life as well. The great thing is, knowing He loves them even more than we do!

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  2. Sometimes you have to let it go;
    the worry, not the love,
    for the healing must now flow
    from the Good Lord above.
    It’s not about abandonment,
    it’s not about a lack of care,
    for even with the best intent
    sometimes you can’t be there
    to cure the tremours of the mind,
    to still the circled thought;
    sight’s limited, but you’re not blind,
    and solace can’t be bought,
    for no sacrifice can render
    what can come from our surrender.


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