Poetry- The Dark Side of Anxiety

The beat has quickened, breathless tunes replayed.

3 am visits, stolen sleep invades.

Voices linger in gentle subtle ways.

Night is not night as it mimicks day.

What of the cracks, shattered thoughts seep.

Honest interpretation of broken canyons deep.

Hurried in slow motion, fraught with uncertainty.

Wrestling in darkness, pain the unknown brings.


The story glows..

In neon tones, flashes in taunting glare.

When slumber gifts the gifted but leaves the giftless bare.

So hide in secret dreams, and dream.

Stay where sleeplessness forces to flee.

The quiet hours are meant to stay,

Somewhere other than this place.

Fear holds captive mindful peace,

Replaced with vivid fantasy.

Unwanted..Detested..it haunts the solo soul.

A 3 am invader with nowhere else to go.

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