Do you know Unknown?

The unknown is haunting.
Silhouettes in shadows
and silenced in mystery.
Uncaring of mind racing anxiety,
it tramples on peace.
We wander from dark to light
each hour trickles by grudgingly.
Whether it is health, life, finances,
law and order, or anything else,
the unknown lies dormant
or active…
ready to pounce.
We cannot see it coming,
yet we know it is there.
Beyond our control,
further than sight,
behind the glare.
We wait.
Tortured with pain,
we have no right to feel.
Depressed in sadness
we cannot justify or condemn.
The unknown lies as bait,
to ensnare in distrust
or divide by hate.
Left to it’s devices,
we run cold.
Numb to today
because of possibilities
in tomorrow.
We are merely players
in the onset of a game.
Colorless and without name.
We choose to engage,
in the toxic contemplation
until it’s too late.
Forbid it’s entry,
if you can.
build the mental walls,
used to hold out man.
But it’s your own thought
that can destroy.
In the battle against unknown
and the destruction in it’s ploy.
We take up our armor,
in mental preparedness,
Shed the fear and doubt
Carry on in hopeful presence.
Living in truth that
Unknown is here.. but out.

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