Poetry- Remembered Forgotten

I wish upon a starry night

Not one, but few..

Glimmering hope from high

And treasure the breath,

a single thought of you.

Time flies, effortless chaos,

Unaware the speed we go

Memories fade

But this I know.

A blink matters.

The involuntary motion

of love and reality.

It recedes – then emerges,

A sprinkle of joy

In relinquished joy.

Goodbye comes

over and over again,

Tsunamis of emotions fall.

Sucking back every moment

With incoming power.

Flooded with feelings,

I want to let go.

Suddenly, every star shines brighter,

Every smile goes deep.

Every sensation heightened

by the longing I keep.

Locked in my mind,

Secured in my heart.

Held in secrecy

Within, but apart.

And as stars dim,

my memories they take.

All falls silent within

Return to realities fate.

I’ll be back tomorrow

When moons light I see.

To sit among the breeze,

And once again dream.

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